Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The beginning of a huge daisy

This is the backside on which the design was drawn. I transferred the design to the front fabric by making running stitches with DMC stranded coton in the color of the future embroidery. The running stitches are about 4 mm on this side and 2 mm on the front. I won't unpick those running stitches as they will be covered by the embroidery.

The front side with the three "colors" I used. The thread is Gumnut Daisies in white, ecru and very light yellow.

The top petal is partly outlined with split stitch. The middle petal is filled with white at the edge and ecru in the centre. The bottom petal is finished with very light yellow as last color.
The colors blend beautifully. This thread is lovely to stitch long and short stitch.


  1. Wow, Beautiful!!
    I love to embroider daisies, especially those with petals shaded in dark red!

  2. So beautiful! Can't wait to see more!

  3. I love seeing how this is done from the backside, with running stitches.

    Looking forward to seeing more.


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