Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Nearly finished

Another rock is sewed on.

More stony things.

For this growing thing I stitched a line of back stitches. Next a row of detached buttonhole stitches and partly a second row of detached buttonhole stitches. 

And finally the needle felted cacti are sewed in place.

The hills were somewhat empty. As the fabric is a batik, there are natural lighter spots on it.
I decided to stem stitch around the spots.
The hills look like lunar craters now.

Now it is time to transform this piece of embellished fabric into a CD-shaped desert.


  1. Meraviglioso!!!!!!! Tantissimi complimenti. Baci

  2. This has grown into a fantastic landscape. Well done!

  3. oh this is so exciting to see it all grow so beautifully as your create this work!


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