Sunday, August 19, 2012

Grasses and flowers

With different colors of DMC stranded cotton I made grasses, using the ghiordes knot.
How this stitch is done, can you find here.

Shot from above.

Again I tried to make a bed of needle felted wool roving. This time I made it firmer to prevent it from disappearing while stitching on it.

A flower bead and seed beads were sewed on. Sometimes I sewed two seed beads on top of each other to differ the height.

The completed "flowers"on their soft felt bed.

An overview.


  1. This is really unique and very interesting. I love all of the textures, colors, and stitches.


  2. Dream lush oasis in the desert when I see this .....

  3. Lovely desert depiction. Your little flowers on the green patch of roving are as if they got the precious drop of rain that caught in the little crook of sand. Blissful stitching my dear...


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