Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Color problem

This is the ribbon as I embroidered it years ago. The black arrow points at a color I don't like. It doesn't fit in and the more I look at it the more it annoys me. Conclusion....unpick ;-(
According to the instructions I used the following threads from bottom to top:
3721, 3722, 3721, 221, 3802, 902, 3371.
3371 (black-brown) is much too dark, instead I used Anchor 72.
On the picture I have laid the used colors on order of color family. The color that annoys me is the third from the top number 3802.
It turns out that 221, 3721 and 3722 belong to one color family.
3802 and 902 belong to another family. That is the reason why I don't like the combination.
These are the colors I will use, except the color at the bottom: 3722, 3721, 221, Anchor 45 and 72.

This is the result. I'm pleased with the "new" color combination. But now there are two new "problems". The loop hasn't the right shape (right arrow) and the fabric isn't flat anymore  (top arrow). I guess I made too many stitches in too little space. Ppfff.....
I'll leave it for now as it is. I won't unpick again.


  1. Hello Marjolein,the colors you used are wonderful!
    I washing the fabric at the end of embroidery and use the iron on the fabric inside out still wet.

    (So I solve the problem)

  2. wow - again, learning a lot from your expertise - thank you :)


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