Sunday, August 26, 2012

The finished desert

The finished desert pebble, although no pebble was involved. This time I used two CD's.
I more or less used the method my friend Deb showed in this tutorial.

The previous picture, this one and the next show the desert from all sides.

Below are views from more above.


The last pictures are taken from a distance.



Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Nearly finished

Another rock is sewed on.

More stony things.

For this growing thing I stitched a line of back stitches. Next a row of detached buttonhole stitches and partly a second row of detached buttonhole stitches. 

And finally the needle felted cacti are sewed in place.

The hills were somewhat empty. As the fabric is a batik, there are natural lighter spots on it.
I decided to stem stitch around the spots.
The hills look like lunar craters now.

Now it is time to transform this piece of embellished fabric into a CD-shaped desert.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Grasses and flowers

With different colors of DMC stranded cotton I made grasses, using the ghiordes knot.
How this stitch is done, can you find here.

Shot from above.

Again I tried to make a bed of needle felted wool roving. This time I made it firmer to prevent it from disappearing while stitching on it.

A flower bead and seed beads were sewed on. Sometimes I sewed two seed beads on top of each other to differ the height.

The completed "flowers"on their soft felt bed.

An overview.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

French knots in the desert

On this little hill, made of pebbles, I sewed a little pebble. It is about one cm.
First I cut a piece of plastic, threaded it and glued it at the bottom. Then I only had to fasten the thread.

Over to another area of the desert. Here are three little plastic beads trapped under the sand. I like them and the wrinkles as they are, so not much manipulating here.

I only tidied the wrinkles up, so there will not be too much excess fabric at the edge of the desert.

I added lots of french knots, one or two wraps. This lovely thread is Kreinik fine braid #12.
The colors vary from sand to silver gray.

Some straight green stitches were added.

Here I have added little shrubs. What stitch could that be?
Just ordinary french knots, about four loose wraps. The thread is Appleton crewel wool, I mixed two colors, terracotta and ochre.

Here I loosened up the french knots with my needle. Amazing the difference between the loose french knot shrubs and the tight french knots between the trapped beads.


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Flowering desert cactus tutorial

The heart is a trapped bead. I stitched six needle woven picots around it with House of Embroidery perlé 8. This is a lovely thread to do this stitch with.
Needle woven picots turned out to be the TAST stitch of week 44.

Sorry for the blurred picture, forgot the macro button I guess.
I attached the six leaves to the trapped bead.

Next I added brownish and yellow beads to the centre.

Just between the first six leaves I stitched six more woven picots.

This is the whole picture as it looks now.

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