Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The tatted triangle

Because the tatted triangle continues on the block below, I sewed the two blocks together first.
Next I fastened the lower right corner of the triangle.
My first thought was: "What a dull triangle in comparison to the rest of the block, shall I rip it off? How can I make it fit into the block? "
I decided to give it a chance.

The six "circles" (or petals) in the centre are not exactly round, I mean not round at all.
The three shapes at the corners aren't regular either.

To camouflage this I stitched circles in stem stitch along the tatted circles. The circles are certainly not even in width, but the difference is small. Anyway, it looks better. The thread I used has a color that comes back in the block just below the triangle which makes the triangle integrate more with the blocks.

I also stitched stem stitches along the three corners and the three curves between them. I used Kreinik very fine braid #4. This is absolutely my favorite metallic thread. It is strong and isn't damaged easily, though you must not cut your thread too long.
In the centre I sewed on tiny glass beads.
I also started with branches in chain stitch. They stretch out from the triangle to the adjacent patches.

Left is the thread I used for the centre circles. It is 100% rayon. It has a beautiful sheen and a high twist. That means it is hard to stitch with. After every stitch you have to let your needle hang free so it can spin back.
On the right are the Kreinik threads, what a lustre ;)


  1. Love the additions you've added to the tatting!

  2. That looks good, Marjolein! I love nice rayon threads (I haven't tried Edmar yet, though) and the kreinik metallics!

  3. as always, I love the insights you share into the problem solving process of this wonderful hobby!

  4. I get so entranced looking at your beautiful beads and stitches I find myself about 2 inches from my computer screen hoping to see every detail. Silly me! Your tatting across the blocks is wonderful. I love how you have used color to connect them. Stitchilicious my dear...

  5. your tatting is really showing off the triangle well, just started on the needle tatting, making mistakes and need more patterns but hoping to put some on my first proper CQ block, have to still start that though, done two little ones but as bags so not a lot of embellishments will get there one day with yours and other bolgs to inspire life is wonderfuf

  6. Each advance makes your work more and more beautiful!
    We feel by mail on Friday when I get home.

  7. I love what you have done with your bit of tatting. Really pretty.


  8. Your tatted triangle looks lovely on your block and adding the stem stitching was a great idea.

  9. love love love this block, thanks for sharing it


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