Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Needle felted cactus: tutorial part I

Browsing the internet for needle felting I came accross this tutorial.
As I want cacti in my desert, I followed the clear step-by-step tutorial and ended with two felted cilinders.

I didn't know how to attach the smaller one to the bigger one, so I tried something.

And guess what? The "arm" got secured to the "body".

The cactus in the desert. I didn't attach it to the pebble yet, it is too vulnerable.

Here I made a smaller one. A cilinder cut in two pieces.

Cute little cactus.


  1. how I love to see your new blogs, your cactus is great, and top marks for doing it by hand, I am lazy and use a machine, blame arthritic fingers but laziness plays a big part. Come to think of it it would not work on the machine too well, would have to do a flat piece then roll it or something, this needs a bit of thinking time!!

  2. Are you doing a desert pebble, Marjolein? Sounds very interesting, and I'll be checking to see what's next!

  3. This is a sweet little cactus and it is neat seeing this piece progress. Your work is lovely.



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