Sunday, July 22, 2012

Desert pebble vegetation continued.

This is where I was. The grass was much too high, so I cut it back.
The wrinkles will get a treatment below.

With a needle I pull the fabric up where I want excess fabric/wrinkle.

The wrinkles are sewed down in the folds with a little straight stitch.

French knots in different sizes fasten the wrinkles and hide the sewing stitches.
I also added a little rock (about 7 mm). This rock is glued on a threaded piece of plastic.


  1. I just came across the instructions for this techn ique in a file I kept from the Embroidery Guild. I really like it that you are NOT doing this piece likeall in white. I thought I'd like to try it in colors and now that I have seen your project start, I'm sure of it. Looks great!

  2. Yes, it is looking great and I like your description and the wrinkles in it - where everybody else including me tried to eliminate them :))

  3. beautiful - thank you for your explanations!


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