Sunday, July 29, 2012

Desert flowers

I wanted to create a nice soft felted bed for the desert flowers. This is some wool roving, which I combed to make it loose.

I fastened it with a few straight stitches. The roving secured with a pin were supposed to stay there and support future plants.

Next I stitched lazy daisies. The straight stitches I made before are in the centres of the lazy daisies.
What happened to the wool roving meant as a bed???? It completely disappeared. So I decided te remove the roving held with the pin.

Red flower beads with a yellow/brown bead in the centre.

This is how the desert looks right now.


  1. Beautiful desert flowers!!!

  2. How very clever of you to give your little desert flowers a soft bed of roving. The flowers are beautiful. Happy Stitching dear...


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