Saturday, June 23, 2012

TAST week 25: Cable Chain Stitch

The stitch for TAST week 25 is the Cable Chain Stitch.
I used this nice stitch to create stamens. The leaves are Cretan stitch, also a TAST stitch. Here is the post about the leaves.

I used the "chain part" of the stitch to add the beads. First the bead, then the stitch.

Two stamens and a pistil.

I felt the leaves needed something more, so I added a stem stitch edge. The thread is Kreinik very fine braid  #4.


  1. Your beaded Cable Chain stitches are so dramatic, they make the plant look very exotic.
    I never thought of adding the bead first and then making the chain. How clever of you.

  2. Marjolein, what a great idea! I love your cables! They are so pretty with their curvves and circles they make!

  3. Such a clever solution to add the beads! Beautiful!

  4. have just read your other comments and like Queenie I never thought to do the beads first, it seems the best way to do it as the chain will fit snuggly around the bead, allthpugh Queenie beaded hers after they were also perfect.

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you! This stitch came in handy, as I was thinking about how to fill those leaves.

  6. fantastic use of these stitches.very beautiful.

  7. Your little beaded stamens and pistil are beautiful and add a wonderful dimension to this block. You really are the Mistress of stitching my dear...

  8. I agree with all the comments Marjolein! It does give rather an exotic look! As always, lovely stitching.


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