Monday, June 11, 2012

Needle felt experiments and planting vegetation

I started needle felt experimenting with some wool roving and different fabrics for the base.
On the left a piece of flannel, in the middle craft felt, on the right backing for nuno felting and at the bottom just wool roving.

These are the back sides.
I didn't like the felt on the flannel. To get a better result more wool must be added. The piece of felt was much too thick for my purpose, but looked good. The nuno ... yuk. Number one was just the plain wool roving.

This little patch of grass can simply be secured by a few pricks.

Next I blended different colors and felted them.

This is the backside. It is very hairy because the wool is pricked to this side.

I'm not sure it will actually become a little lawn.

Than I thought, why not making a little shrub? So I cut a piece.....

....made a ball...

...felted it...

...on the right side a lot more to form a firm base where I could sew it on....

....I clipped the excess hair and sewed it on. I made two of them, standing happy together in the shelter of a few boulders.

Some french knots in different sizes and seed stitches, embroidered with a variegated perlé 5.

The first fold.

The pin indicates the edge of the pebble. I secured the fold with seed stitches.

With a needle I pulled the fabric.... create a second fold...

....and filled the gap with grasses made of ghiordes knots.
Too much grass?? I don't know yet, I might cut it back here and there.


  1. thank you for sharing all those stages of your felting. I must have a go, only do it on the embellishing machine, it is very quick but not the same as hand .Like stitching I would rather stitch by hand then machine embroider. Mind you that might be because I am not good at machine embroidery!
    Your piece of work is looking great, love the way you make the tucks

  2. Marjolein Hello, you're a legend! Experiments and each of your experiment works so sublime!!

  3. This is really a wonderful project you are working on and I'm enjoying seeing the whole process. Thank you.


  4. Needle felting adds such a lovely texture to any work. Am enjoying watch the progression of this piece.

  5. Your attention to detail is really adding to the textures of your desert. The needle felting is beautiful to bring in just the right colors. Blissful Stitching Dear...


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