Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The medallion

After I had taken a very deep breath, I gathered my dying stuff. Fortunately the ready-made bottle with orange paint seemed the right orange. I soaked the medallion in water and added the paint with a brush, it was as simple as that. However I added some yellow and red drops here and there and more water, to avoid that the medallion would get plain orange. When it was still wet, it was pretty dark orange, I hoped for the best. You see the result when it was dry. Left the medallion before dying, right after dying. The little leaves were originally light green and they still are, less though.

Here I have sewed the medallion on its place, the outer edges are the same orange as the left orange patch. The medallion forms a nice connection between the orange patches on the left and right.

This is the medallion after its paint bath, it is  really true. Well my camera.....you know about that.
The medallion was meant as a background for the flower spray. However in the centre of the medallion were two flowers and it was a pity to ignore them and stitch over them. I thought that it could be possible to couch a perlé thread on top of them following the shape as good as possible. The flowers would come forward laying on the medallion. I carried out this idea and this is the result. Two orange flowers laying on the lace. More orange couched flowers will be added. They will become a part of the flower spray.


  1. Your lace medallion is now the perfect color and balance between the fabrics. You are brilliant to couch the threads over the lace flowers. It brings them forward and to life. Beautiful work dear...

  2. You have proofed to be very courageous ! And you can be satisfied - thie colour came out very nicely and just right!

  3. Marjolein Hello, I'm back home and I hope the situation will calm down at all here in my beloved country! Your medallions are gorgeous!
    Hugs and kisses.

  4. love the colours you have used here and it is good to read how you went about doing the block

  5. hier vind ik je blog heel aanstekelijk, terwijl het dit op zeelandnet helemaal mist, zou het nou aan de lay-out liggen?

  6. It is so interesting to follow the progress of your work. You were brave with the colouring and it turned out great. Yellow, orange and purple is such an attractive combination.


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