Monday, June 18, 2012

Medallion update

Last time I talked about the medallion I showed you this picture.

As I was pretty pleased with the result I added more violets and embroidered the hearts of the yellow/orange couched flowers. I also added two yellow/orange flowers on the right.

The heart on the right I filled with horizontal straight stitches with one strand of DMC floss. That were a lot of stitches to fill the heart. The heart on the left I stitched first a layer of vertical straight stitches.

And than a layer of horizontal stitches. It looks much better than the right heart.

I unpicked the right heart and while I did that I thought: "why not unpick the whole heart and replace it by a darker orange one?"
I put the medallion aside for a few days to work on the pebble because something was bothering me and I didn't know what to do about it.

When I returned to the medallion I knew what was bothering me: The yellow/orange flowers weren't a part of the flower spray. They dissolved as it were in the medallion. I unpicked all flowers and couched them again. This time I used an orange perlĂ© 5. While couching with one strand of DMC floss in the same orange I tried to follow the twist of the perlĂ© so the stitches wouldn't show.

The centres were filled with french knots, two wraps. I used one strand of DMC floss mixed with Kreinik blended filament to get a little sparkle.

Now there is a better balance in the growing flower spray.
Sometimes it is very useful to let a project rest for a few days. I felt it wasn't "right" but didn't "see" what to do about it. When I looked after a few days it was clear what was wrong.


  1. it is great to follow your journey and see such a lovely piece of work at the end of it

  2. thank you for the photos and descriptions following your process! just lovely!

  3. i love hearing how you work through problems like this!

    1. Thank you! I like talking about my "problems" and solving them even more ;-)

  4. What a great eye you have. The stronger orange looks so much better!

  5. The darker orange looks much better. Well done!

  6. You were so right to walk away and come back with fresh eyes. The orange is so much better. This is really coming along nicely. Happy Stitching Dear...

  7. Working slowly on a project and letting it rest for some time while you concentrate on something else is the best way to 'see' the road ahead.
    I think you have made the right decisions and look forward to following your progress.


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