Saturday, June 2, 2012

Desert pebble

This pebble will look like a desert, at least I hope it will.
The six pebbles represent rocks/hills/mountains. Here and there I have sewed down batting to create slopes.
Seven beads of different sizes and a button will be added.

Side view.

The first pebble is trapped.

The pebble is hidden under the fabric. Behind the button I have sewed down a piece of batting. This creates a slope on the right of the pebble that will get a place where I drew its shape. The left side of the pebble is very steep, so no batting there.

Here is the pebble.

All the pebbles are trapped. The pebble in the previous picture is hidden above the pin. 
It is clear that some slopes are steep, others more slanted.

Time to sew around the other items.

All items are trapped. Interesting landscape, isn't it?

The side view shows the difference in altitude.

Do you want to know more about making pebbles?
On Stitchin Fingers is a discussion about the subject. The discussion starts here.


  1. I always wondered how the elements were attached - now I get they are trapped between layers - makes sense. Looks like the beginning of a very interesting landscape.

  2. I hope that you will continue to post as the piece progresses. I am really interested in knowing this technique.

    thanks for posting.

  3. yes thank you for showing how we start off, and like Carol will look forward to following your journey, might even start a journey myself, these pebbles are really causing a great interest on SF, keep up the good wrok

  4. SHi Marjolein, I'm so happy to see you starting on another one of these fabulous projects! I will be watching closely to see how this one evolves - beats are that it will be gorgeous!

  5. Hello Marjolein, new beautiful project!!
    Hugs and kisses.

  6. Most educational to see the techniquie and so enjoyable to see how the landscape is growing.

  7. Marjolein, this looks so interesting and I am keen to see its progress. My greetings from Croatia where the weather is a usual very fine. Though no swimming yet.

  8. I am far behind and somehow missed seeing your Desert Pebble. This will be quite an amazing work of art. I will follow your progress and am excited to see your process you do. I am just in awe Marjolein Dear!


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