Friday, May 18, 2012

TAST week 20: bullion knot

The TAST stitch of this week is the bullion knot. No one will be surprised that I stitched bullion pansies. These four little flowers are the start of a spray on the CQJP May block.
I had figured out where the bullions should be stitched, but to get these five bullions look like a pansy, was harder than I thought. I secured each bullion with one little stitch because some of the bullions wanted to twist.
The thread I used is Stef Francis fine silk, a dream to stitch with!
The top two pansies have four petals made of bullions with ten wraps and the bottom petal is made of made of one bullion with fifteen wraps.
The lower two pansies have twelve and eighteen wraps.
In the centre is a french knot, two strands of DMC cotton, two wraps.

I have made a drawing that shows where I have stitched the five bullions. I am not completely happy with how they turned out. The petals are small and the bullions won't lie flat where I want them. I'm sure they will get better as I go.
The petals can best be stitched in this order.


  1. Hi Marjolein, your pansies are so sweet and it is a lovely idea to make them with bullion knots.

  2. Your little bullion knot pansies are lovely. They look so adorable in their tiny perfection. Your purple stitchwork in the last post is stunning. Blissful Stitching my Dear...

  3. Your pansies are beautiful!


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