Monday, May 14, 2012

Seam treatments

I wanted to extend the purple flower spray to the yellow patch to make it less heavy.
First I laid the components of the pansy on their possible places. Then I decided how the curls looked best.
 I embroidered the curls with detached chain stitch.

A simple seam treatment: a looped stitch is kept in its place by a detached chain stitch.
Later on I might add beads.

Next comes a beaded twig from lilac beads. This twig extends the purple spray and makes a sort of connection  with the lilac patch on the left. I made a lay-out first. The white pieces of paper are the leaves of the pansy.


  1. Ciao sono una blogger Italiana amica di Morena ( lei mi ha dato il tuo link, realizz cose molto belle complimenti a presto Valeria

  2. Hello Marjolein, Valeria your new follower is a dear friend and she weaves classically.

  3. Hi Marjolein, I love the block you are doing the beads look so pretty your work is so delicate, I have a long way to go before I can produce this sort of work.


  4. Your pansies are going to look great on this block!! Love the planning and getting inside your head....xo Susan


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