Sunday, May 6, 2012

Purple flower spray

The completed purple flower spray. How it is created is shown below. I didn't make a design, I started to look for stuff in the "right" colors and listened to my Muse.

I started with this light purple ribbon. I couched it down with zig zag stitches using two strands of purple DMC cotton mixed with a DMC metallic thread.

I never knew what to do with that strange hairy ribbon thing with little felt balls, now I will be a nice soft bed for two very large flower beads, made of clay (I think).

Left of the top couched ribbon I stitched a silk ribbon in plume stitch.

More flower beads and hairy ribbon. It is not clear from this picture, but the hairy ribbon is three to four mm thick. In the centre between the two large flowers I made some ghiordes knots with six strands of purple/orange/lilac DMC cotton.

With a very nice orange ribbon with a touch of gold I stitched colonial and french knots. They draw away the attention from the heavy centre of the spray. The orange makes also a connection with the rest of the block. More beads and two sheer orange butterflies were added.


  1. I love all the elements you've included in this spray Marjolein - looks great!

  2. OMGosh, thank you so much for showing how you built this corner. I a new to this and the further I go, the more I am enjoying it. Posts like this give so much information and inspiration, much more so than books I have.
    Happy Sunday

  3. Your use of such vibrant colors is very inspiring!!!!

  4. Hello Marjolein, as always are repetitive .... show us everything that is wonderful.
    Good start of the week accompanied by a kiss.

  5. Your purple flower spray is so pretty!


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