Monday, May 28, 2012

More tatting exercising

I found this triangular medallion here. For some reason I can't find the picture anymore.
I tried to make the rings in the centre as even as possible. I still have trouble with "how firm do I pull the thread through the double stitches". I suppose it is like knitting and crochet, in the long term you get a steady hand.
The thread is DMC perlé 12.

This is a pattern by Mark Myers. Here is the link
It is supposed to look like a hat. With flowers on it (as in the pattern), it is a perfect hat for Ascot ;)
I liked the shape and I had to try it. The thread I used is: DMC perlé 8
Here and there it is a bit wobbly, I keep practising.

Both shapes will probably find a place on the Crazy Violets quilt.
When they are sewn on, they will look OK.


  1. Hi Marjolein,
    Nice to see your tatting experiments: really like the triangle. I usually pull the thread as tightly as possible without distorting the shape, but your tension will regulate as you tat more and more. Each thread, though, can feel different, and react differently. But experimenting adds to the fun!

  2. Marjolein six talented!
    In Italian this type of embroidery called "Chiacchierino" and we can find beautiful lace with this technique.
    Definitely will stay on your quilt divinely!

  3. It is coming along very well Marjolein!

  4. Oh, your tatting is beautiful for me. Once .... in a future time .....I will also try my hand at it. (Writing the same comment each time probably). This times it is coming from Croatia.

  5. Marjolein, Your tatting is beautiful. Wish I could master it but my fingers do not seem to work with tatting. Hugs Judy

  6. pulling the chain up as snug as you do your rings gives the piece of tatting the same feel and density throughout. Keep at it, practice, patience and persistence really works.Bobbie

    1. Thank you for your advise. I keep practicing!


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