Thursday, May 31, 2012

Living dangerously

After finishing the lilac tatted triangle I thought: "how should it look in the corner of the May block? The color could be just right". And yes, the color is just right, although my camera has still the habit of changing purple colors. The triangle covers a seam and two corners. You might have noticed that I am not very fond of straight seam treatments. I rather like to incorporate them in the whole picture.
The next job was to sew the triangle down. A big advantage is that you can hide inaccuracies.

Now here is danger number one. I want to embroider a large pansy flower spray starting in the centre flowing in different directions. The background of the center is just plain yellow. I feel the pansies need a better background, so I came up with this lovely dyed medallion (I didn't dye it myself). Only the color isn't right, it is too light, a bit lemon. And my camera makes it even worse. Now I have to be very brave and dye the medallion. It should be more orange colored. I have dyed lace before and I didn't like the dying part. I am not a person for painting  or gluing.
Then comes danger number two. Suppose I succeed in dying the medallion, will there not be too much lace in one block? The flower spray in the centre partly over the medallion is the focus point. That means that I can not embellish the triangle too much. Can I fix all these problems???
I must say that this is one of the things I like in crazy quilting: first you create a "problem", next you try to solve it;)


  1. I have just been ready your past posts to catch up. Your tatting looks wonderful and I do like the triangle on your block. The yellow lace medallion will be just fine once you darken it a bit. I don't think I ever learned the part about..."First you create a problem and then you solve it". I am not good at either. Blissful Stitching Dear...

  2. Marjolein, I love the colors you use here! and your tatting triangle is so beautiful! I think it's not too much lace for one block.. look forward how you will solve your "problem" :)
    hugs, Masha

  3. I love your last words: ...'the thing I like in crazy quilting: first you created a 'problem', next you try to solve it.' This is really the beauty of creating something, isn't it? If it too easy it is 'nice' but not very rewarding.
    I think your blog is going to be wonderful and it is very interesting to see the progress. Best of luck with your problem solving!

  4. Your statement about crazy quilting problems is so accurate. I've found that very interesting seam treatments or motifs are created from a problem I've come up with. Love the leaves in this block. Look forward to seeing your dyeing....


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