Thursday, May 24, 2012

The cushion: a little progress

This picture shows the backside. The front fabric was too heavy to trace the design on. I decided to trace the mirror image on the thinner backing fabric. I made little running stitches with machine thread on the tracing, so the design became visible at the front. Next I could draw the shapes on the front fabric and stitch them.

The orange running stitches form the central vein of the leaf. First I made split stitches on the edge of the leaf. Next long and short stitches, coming up inside the leaf and going down just behind the edge.

The remaining part of the leaf is stitched in long and short stitch, coming up at an angle through the finished stitches and going down in the unstitched area. You can see that I made too much stitches at the left. That results in a deformed fabric. I hope it will decrease as I go on. Otherwise......unpick.

The leaf lies nicely on the fabric. This thread (Gumnut Blossoms) is lovely to stitch with, it blends and fills the area nicely.


  1. This sounds very complicated to me - it will be a lovely design and you put much work in it and care, Admiration

  2. How very clever of you to trace on the backside and then thread outline in order to stitch on the front side. Your stitches are lovely and your leaves are so soft and beautiful. Stitchilicious my dear...

  3. Hello Marjolein, your every embroidery stitch is a pleasure for our eyes.
    Here, unfortunately, the earth shakes again .....
    Kisses and good weekend.


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