Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bee tutorial

 This is the finished block for March.
I wanted to make some bees to fill the purple patch on the right and the center patch. My first thought was to make a stumpwork bumblebee, that would be a nice item to fill the empty space. On second thought it would be a little too heavy for the violets. So I decided to make some small bees.
Below is how I did it.

I started with the padding: seven satin stitches with one strand black DMC cotton in the same two holes about 0,5 cm long.

Satin stitches worked over the body. Three black stripes and two yellow (DMC 783), each two to three stitches. Then a french knot for the head. One black strand, two wraps.

Two detached chain stitches for the wings with DMC silver metallic. This metallic thread is not my favorite thread. It is very easy damaged.

Two more bees.
Looking at the whole picture I suppose there is still room for a stumpwork bumble bee. He doesn't have to be heading to a little violet, doesn't he? There are enough other flowers he can choose from.


  1. Love your bees! Thank you for the tutorial, I have just the right block to try making one :)

  2. The bees look wonderful! Thanks for the tutorial.

  3. I like this block a lot. The color scheme is perfect. Thanks for showing an easy way to stitch bees!

  4. This block is beautiful. The bees really add to the flowers. I really like your tatting you did for a seam treatment. Blissful Stitching...

  5. Dear Marjolein I can only repeat myself ....
    All it shows is gorgeous and the bees are delicious!
    Many kisses.

  6. Lovely block Marjolein and thanks for this tutorial. I'm off to make some bees!


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