Sunday, April 29, 2012

Tatted edging

This lovely edging is a pattern by Jane EborallOh SO simple edging. The pattern is very clear. The only problem I stumbled upon was the split ring. I could imagine what the purpose was, but didn't know how. Fortunately Google gave this link.
As a beginning needle tatter I have a lot to learn. The arrows show where I can improve.
Not all the picots are equal, the chains aren't the same length. They have the same number of double stitches but I didn't pull the thread equally tight. Some chains seem to want to twist. I am not sure why they do that.
The thread I used is DMC 80.

Here the edging is sewed on the border between two blocks. The color blends lovely with the yellow and orange fabrics.
While I was sewing I could correct some of the imperfections of the tatting.
The right side is not sewed down yet as it will continue on the adjacent block.

On the lace leaf I stitched veins on the outside and little cross stitches in the centre parts.
I used Kreinik thread. I am thinking about adding purple beads too, but I'm not sure yet.

This is the picture so far.

The yellow patch needed something more, so I echoed the tatted edging.
It wasn't easy to couch down a thread in this shape and to make all the "waves" look equal.


  1. Look at you girlie! You have picked up that needle turn applique and gone to town with it!

  2. Hello Marjolein, congratulations!
    Your first lace made ​​with this technique is very well done!
    Now I go for a ride on the link that I also have recommended, and who knows ... maybe sooner or later I'll try.....
    I wish you a happy Monday accompanied by a kiss.

  3. You can tell me what you want - I admire your tatting. I think it is so lovely and one day I will start and also try.

  4. Well done!!! It is a beautiful border piece. And in #80 thread - you are very brave. Keep ip the good work. Happy Tatting!
    Fox : )

  5. A job well done for a beginning tatter, and using #80 thread too. I know you will have the tension down pat very soon. Keep up the great work! It will all come to perfection with practice.

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog. I promise I'll keep practising;)


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