Friday, April 27, 2012

TAST week 17: wheatear stitch

The TAST stitch of this week is the wheatear stitch. I had never heard of this stitch before, thus I wanted to try it.
I decided to make little bunches as a seam treatment using two strands of DMC cotton in the same color as the little violets.


  1. I do not know this stitch however I like it very much. I can see lots of applications where it could be used. Your seam treatment is excellent and I like the color you looks just like wheat growing out in the field. Blissful stitching...

  2. I think I did mine backwards! Yours is lovely!!! :)

  3. Hello Marjolein, I see that you love purple!
    In your creations and use it a lot ..... together with the embroidery thread that you used is fine.
    I am sending you a kiss wishing you a happy weekend!!

  4. Morjolein, your work is absolutely gorgeous. You will have the tatting down in no time.


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