Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sumptuous pebble is completed

Below you can see some detail pictures. First I want to show you how I tried to “fix” the hollows in the hearts.

The red arrows show the hollows.

With tweezers I manipulated the threads to make a hole.

Here the hollows are filled.

It was a fiddling job.

But it worked out fine.

At least it was better than it was.
When the pebble was assembled the hearts were stretched. After all the heart surgery hadn't been necessary.

The final job was assembling the pebble.
I used a very firm oval piece of cardboard, 2 á 3 mm thick and a heap of layers of batting.
My friend Deb shared a tutorial on how to assemble the pebble. You can find it here.

Below as promised the detail pictures:


  1. Such a fascinating project. You certainly have a lot of patience! Love the finished project.

    1. Thank you, Arlene.
      This sure was a fun adventurous project!

  2. very beautiful, Marjolein!! and it was great idea to make relief for hearts!

  3. Heart surgery was great in this case. Your pebble is a great success

  4. I was not ready yet with my "eulogy", they someltimes don't let me finish. Thank you for showing all the detail photos, it is so helpful.

  5. Your photos are fabulous as is the pebble!

  6. Your sumptious pebble is truly sumptious. How wonderful to have taken a piece of unfinished stitchery you had created and complete it into this work of art. Blissful...

  7. So, how would you clean this, in the future?

    1. Thank you for your comment.
      Vacuuming, as there is only dry dust.


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