Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lace flower spray

As I want this crazy violets quilt to form a harmonious unity, I have to considerate the adjacent blocks. There are two purple patches next to each other. I want to create a lace flower spray on both  purple patches. Of course I had to sew the two blocks together first.

Two lace lower motives were cut into pieces. The pieces form a new bouquet.

I added five beads to heart of the yellow flower and embroidered tendrils with alternating barred chain stitch. This was the TAST stitch of week 12. I didn't know this stitch yet and I wanted to practise it. It is a nice stitch for tendrils. They are uneven, but that is what I wanted.

The beads in the heart of the yellow flower have been removed, I didn't like them. Instead I made french knots with a unknown thread with a little sparkle.

Four little violets are embroidered with detached chain stitch and a heart of a french knot.

Half buttonhole wheels with Kreinik #8 braid and sequins. It is a very nice variegated sparkling thread.

I added more little orange violets and some orange beads.

This is the whole picture as it looks now. At the top of the purple patch I added a stem stitch branch with ribbon leaves. This branch comes from the block left of this one. As the blocks are sewed together this branch will continue on the adjacent block.


  1. This is gorgeous, Marjolein! I love what you've done and how the flower spray echoes the flowers in the adjoining material. The yellow flower looks much better with the french knots than the beads. Nice stitching!

  2. Hello Marjolein, all is Beautiful!!!

  3. Beautiful flower spray! All the stitching is coming together beautifully.

  4. Beeldschoon deze "flowerspray"!

  5. How pretty! I love how you've incorporated your stiching with the laces.


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