Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fabric button tutorial

I started with cutting a circle, wide enough to include a little seam. Than I stitched the seam with little running stitches using a single strand of DMC floss. Machine thread is better for this job as it is less likely to break.

Gathering and gathering.....till the thread broke and the fabric circle showed to be too small.
You might ask yourself: "Why didn't she use machinethread, she knew it could break easily?" It is a matter of color. I have all the DMC and Anchor colors downstairs. If I want to look for the right color machinethread I have to go to the attic a.k.a. studio, that means climbing two! stairs. I am much too lazy to do that because there is a really big chance I have not the right color. Besides two strands of DMC work fine.

A smaller button was inserted. An extra button is always useful!

Next I cut a larger circle, stitched small running stitches with two strands. 

Started gathering and gathering...... 

and gathering till there was a huge ball of fabric.

The button could not lie neatly next to his little brother on the left.
Therefore I cut some excess fabric away.

Did running stitches and some gathering....

pulled the sides together firmly, sewed them....and finished with a neat fabric button.


  1. How funny--I did the same thing last night, but I added a tiny circle of batting to soften it up so I to do some embroidery on it!

  2. Great idea! If you use fusible interfacing, keep the little scraps to use for this purpose too...then you don't have to fold the gathering edge over, and it lessens the bulk of the back of the button. Super tute!

  3. Great techniques and tips on covering buttons with fabric. Your stem stitching on the last post is beautiful. Happy stitching...

  4. Great idea! I've been thinking of puffy buttons for my CQJP, so now I know what to do.

  5. Hello Marjoeil, as always I can only say ..... WOW!
    Simple but brilliant idea at the same time, definitely will use it in some project!
    A kiss.


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