Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Extended embroidery

The original piece of embroidery was rectangular. As the finished pebble will be oval, I will extend the embroidery. I want to show you some detail pictures.

At the top left  I added a fishing net behind the shell. This loose net forms a nice contrast with the somewhat stiff shell.
I had seen this net on the pebble my friend Susan made.
A few pearls seem appropriate, although it isn't an oyster.

At the top middle a few fly stitches are added and some beads.

More waves on the right.

On the left I added needlewoven bars, extended twigs and ripples, more beads in the dimples in the sand.

At the bottom ripples and beads are added.


  1. Am so enjoying watching the progression of this project. Lovely textures...

  2. Very, very beautiful, Marjolein. I love your embroidery.

  3. Really lovely stitching, and the design is beautiful.

  4. Your additional stitch and bead bits are really bringing this alive. How wonderful to be finishing a project in the waiting. Happy stitching...

  5. I love how the net looks against the shell! (and thanks for the shout, Marjolein)
    Nice work extending the embroidery. It looks beautiful.


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