Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Back to the crazy violets

Now that the pebble adventure has come to an end (for the moment!), I want to try to catch up with the CQJP March and April blocks.
This is an overview of the top six blocks. The January and February blocks are on the left. The next block I'm going to work on is the one in the top centre.

The naked block. 

I wanted to sew on a shiny purple ribbon and a piece of lace.
There was a little problem with the piece of lace. Where the red arrows point at is the lace a bit blue.

When I sewed the lace on the block I made a lot of stitches over the blue.
Now the blue is nearly invisible.


  1. Your blocks look wonderful grouped together!

  2. Your thread stitching on the lace worked as I don't see any of the blue. Pretty color combinations. Remind me of pansy flowers. Sensational Stitching...

  3. I love all your works but...this is Amazing!!!

  4. I'm glad you didn't have to scrap that piece of lace. It's so pretty and a perfect addition to your block. I enjoy reading how others solve various problems that come up. Your blocks are so pretty and colorful especially with your added stitching..


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