Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The pebble adventure continued

A couple of years ago I took the online class "sumptuous surfaces" with Sharon Bogon.
This is the piece I made at that time. However I never finished it off.
When I was working on the first pebble this piece came into my mind and I thought it would be perfect for a second pebble. I only had to change the order of work.
Starting with an finished piece of embroidery and decide where the relief will be.
I backed the embroidered piece with muslin because the fabric is not very dense as you can see on the picture.

This is the bottom fabric, a piece of an old sheet. I drew the two hearts on it. This helps me to place the trapped items.

Here are the items that will be trapped between top and bottom fabric.
The top of the hearts will be raised just a little with batting, so will the lower part.
On the right are small, medium and large bamboo sticks, to represent waves.
On the left from top to bottom: a few layers of felt to shape the shell, a plastic bead, a few plastic buttons and three plastic balls attached to each other.


  1. Marjolein, this is very beautiful work you made in Sharon's class! I love it! and very interesting to look what you'll create with your items! :)
    hugs from Russia,

  2. Marjolein, this piece is just stunning! And I love the blue pebble! It kind of looks like a pretty blue Easter egg to me. It's lovely! Pam

  3. Intense work but, fabulous!
    Must be quite therapeutic too?

    Sandie xx

  4. Your "sumptuous surfaces" work is beautiful, and a perfect UFO to turn into a pebble. I'm looking forward to seeing it all finished. Very nice!

  5. This piece is gorgeous and it will be totally enhanced with the relief layers. Looking forward to seeing your progress. Happy stitching...

  6. Oh you have had an excellent idea here! I am going to dig around in my UFO's for some pebble making supplies!!!! You are a smart cookie!

  7. Wow!!
    All your work is beautiful but...this is AMAZING!!!

  8. Marjolein, this is so beautiful what you did! Again the colors are subtle and elegant.

  9. Marjolein, your work is lovely, the texture really special and so many stitches. Mandy Currie

  10. Ik ben benieuwd hoe dit eruit gaat zien, het is al zo mooi!


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