Thursday, March 15, 2012

More work on the pebble

On the left side of the pebble I embroidered some cast on stitches with DMC pearl 5.
You find the cast on stitch here.

Here I have added some raised cups. You can find here how they are done.
I used three or four strands of DMC floss. Some all the same color, some two different colors. The heights differ from one row to three. The biggest cup  is not round, but a bit oval.
Sorry for the bad picture.

Here you can see where I am now.
I think of making the chasm smaller. It looks like a huge gaping wound.


  1. I love how you are doing your pebble, slowly and beautifully!

  2. This is looking good. I like seeing a pebble in colour. Cast on stitches are so effective and useful aren't they.


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