Thursday, March 22, 2012

The first pebble adventure has come to an end

First I wrapped the pebble in a piece of batting.

As the left side of the pebble is a bit concave I folded the batting there a few times double. Than I basted the sides of the batting.

For the bottom I cut a piece of turqoise fabric and a piece of an old sheet and basted them on the batting.

Than the top fabric was cut into the correct size.

 I folded the seam inwards and sewed it on the bottom fabric. As I wanted there was as little visible of the bottom fabric as possible, the sewing line is almost at the bottom of the pebble. However this results in a little wrinkling at the seam. This doesn't really bother me. The eye is caught by the top of the pebble.


Sideview from the other side


  1. Marjolein, já disse que adoro seus trabalhos e agora, vitiando seu Blog mais ainda. Trabalhos muito belos. Abraços, Algecira. Aguardo sua visita no meu Blog.

  2. On to the next pebble adventure! Looks great with all the added stitching and that little slit in the side that you can see the treasures inside!

  3. Your pebble is like looking into a beautiful Carribean lagoon and seeing sea life treasure. Gorgeous stitching...


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