Thursday, March 1, 2012

Crazy violets: second block

As I wanted the orange violets to flow over the yellow patch, I decided to embroider a few of them. I traced the shape of a violet on paper, cut it out and drew the shape on the yellow fabric with a pencil. Then I embroidered the outline with split stitch and started to fill the petals with long and short stitch.

I used one strand of variegated DMC coton, the same colors as the violets on the fabric.
For the hearts I stitched a few straight stitches with DMC green coton.

This is how the whole block looks right now.
I don't know yet if there will be more orange violets needed.

These are my plans for the block: an orange ribbon draped on the left and the stumpwork pansy bottom right. Unfortunately the back petals melt into the lilac patch. I will make new ones in darker purple, than I'll decide if leaves are necessary. I want to tat a butterfly that will sit on the yellow patch.


  1. Oh, this block is coming along so beautifully! I just love those overflowing orange violets.

  2. wow! I like how you continue this flowers! so beautiful idea!

  3. Wat mooi, daar zitten al aardig wat uurtjes in!

  4. I love this block such zingy colours, I am a bit scared of colour and always tend to go for pinks and greens. May I just ask wht wire is it that id used for stumpwork is it a special one.


  5. The vivid colors of pansy yellow, orange and purple is gorgeous. I really like you layout and stitching. Joyful stitching...

  6. I am loving all these happy colors! The flowers are beautiful.

  7. Beautiful! Perhaps if you put leaves behind the violet petals, they might stand out better against the purple patch.

  8. Very cool the way you carried the pansie cloth over to the next fabric. Also love the purple grass.


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