Thursday, March 29, 2012

Constructing waves

Side-view of the two waves.

First I sewed on the padding for the hearts. I thought it would be enough to pad only the top, but I wanted the hearts to have a filling so I sewed on more padding.

I sewed around the hearts and in the middle so the filling can show up.

On to the first wave. I attached the small sticks of bamboo.
This was a very accurate task, because I wanted the spume of the first wave to be just over the top of the wave.

This is the right position. You can see the breakers come rolling in.

The larger sticks for the second wave are sewed on. There will be only two waves in connection with the amount of space. Between the sticks I attached three layers of felt. The top fabric will be sewn on the felt.

The next step was to sew the top fabric on the bottom fabric. I used matching cream sewing thread.
The advantage of the weave of this fabric is that your stitches remain invisible.

I made a few invisible stitches at the top, left of the white wave to make the wave stand out. Between the two waves I stitched the top fabric to the felt.
On the right side of the two waves I sewed the top fabric to the bottom fabric.

The waves viewed from aside.


  1. Wow! You are doing a great job creating those waves! I love how you showed the steps in obtaining the lifted areas in the stitching. Looking Good, Girlie!

  2. Your waves are amazing. They really undulate in the fabric. How interesting that you showed your techniques. I also really like the puffed hearts. Wonderful weekend to you...

  3. Your waves are beautiful!!
    Have a nice weekend dear Marjolein.


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