Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tatted treasures

Some time ago I saw a beautiful tatted edging (the one at the bottom) on Pam Kellogg's blog
I asked her about it and she was so sweet to send me some.
She also sent me two other tatted edgings as a surprise.
The lilac one in the middle will be perfect for my violets quilt, the upper one is for an undersea project.

This is my first attempt on needle tatting. I hope to tat items as leaves and edgings for my crazy quilts.


  1. Wow! Girlie! You did a great job! And thank goodness you did not have to wind the shuttle!!!

  2. Fabulous. Bet we will see more of these on the blog.....

  3. wow great ... iam also trying to learn tatting technique...

  4. My eyes wide open!!!!! Wonderful!


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