Saturday, February 18, 2012

TAST week 7: detached chain stitch

This is the first post about my Pebble Adventure. I started it together with my friend Deb. I also added a discussion on Stitchin Fingers.
The TAST stich of this week came in handy for this project.

It started with a wooden bead with a very large hole. I decided to attach it to the backing fabric first. That way it would be easier to tighten the top fabric over it.

The center of the bead and the four sides are secured.

More sewing around the bead.

Seen from the side.

From the center of the bead I stitched 6 lazy daisies.
I came up through the hole, made the loop, went down through the hole. I came up at the side of the bead as close to the bead as possible taking care to remain between the fabric and the bead.
Than about halfway the bead I picked up the loop and went back the same way.
This is not certainly not easy to do, as the bead is round and a needle is straight.

Another six lazy daisies.

Seen from aside.

The cherry on the cake.

The second round plastic bead with a small hole is added the same way as the first.

I stitched 8 lazy daisies at the lower half of the bead. The loop part was easy. Than I inserted the needle at the base of the bead and came up in the loop halfway the bead, taking care to stay between the fabric and the bead. I stitched back the same way.

The two trapped beads. Here you can see the finished second one.On top I stitched french knots with DMC coton and DMC metallic. At the base are needle woven picots.


  1. I really like the needle weaving you did or is that a drizzle stitch? This project is so much fun!!!

  2. Mooi! Dit is zo leuk om te doen, dank je wel voor deze uitdaging.

  3. very beautiful works! thank you for master-class.I enjoy your blog

  4. This is so nice, I liked it:))

  5. What a fantastic idea! Those are great looking!

  6. You are an inspiration to us all with your creative ways.

  7. Very clever! I may just have to try this idea!


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