Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Stumpwork pansy, a tutorial

Of course there will be some stumpwork pansies on my crazy violets quilt.
I will show you how I create one.
First I drew the 5 petals of a pansy on muslin.
I don't think the wire is the "right" wire, but it is thin enough and it works for me.

I cut a piece of wire into about 12 cm length.
Actually I didn't use the tweezers to bend it into the shape of a petal.
Well, only once, but it caused an unwanted kink in the wire.
I prefer to lie down the end of the wire on the drawn shape and carefully bend it by hand.

The wire is couched on the muslin using purple DMC coton.

Than I worked very closely packed blanket stitches to cover the wire completely using the same thread.

Than I embroidered long and short blanket stitches inside the petal as close as possible to the wire.

With a lighter shade of purple I filled the rest of the petal with long and short stitch.

All five petals are embroidered.

The most scary part: cutting the petals loose from the muslin.
You have to cut very close to the edge of the petals taking care not to damage the embroidery.

Here they are: five petals ready to put together to form a pansy.
The second part of the tutorial can be found here.


  1. It looks so simple...but I could mess it up big time knowing my clumsiness!

    Thank you though, it's a good tutorial.
    Enjoy the rest of the week,

    Sandie xx

  2. Wow, great. It looks so easy. Thank you Marjolein, for the tutorial :o)

  3. You are one brave girl to take the scissors so near to that beautiful stitching. I have made a dragonfly using a technique much like this and it was fun. I need to give it another try as you have made it look so easy here. Thanks for telling us how!

  4. You are making it sound so easy, dear Marjolein! Your pansy petals are so neat! Thank you for the tutorial.
    This technique is one that I really want to try, but thought I didn't have the right kind of wire... Seeing that the one you used is exactly what I have, I just might give it at try :)

  5. Merci pour ce tuto, c'est vraiment très joli et ça a l'air très simple! j'ai bien envie d'essayer! Amitié
    Cécile D.

  6. Thank you for the tutorial. I had no idea what stumpwork was and now I do.

  7. Wonderful petals, Marjolein. Thanks for the great tute. When do we see the finished flower?

  8. Thank you so much for sharing how you make your pansy. The petals are beautiful. Brings to mind, "Anything worth doing, should be done right" and you certainly have done it right. Blissful...

  9. Well, now I know what stumpwork is and I like it very much, I would really love to try this, thank you for sharing this.


  10. Thank you for this lovely tutorial, i need some pushing to finally try it myself.

  11. Thank you all for the nice comments.

    Createology, I tried to e-mail you but my e-mail came back undelivered.

  12. Nice combination with the buttonhole and blanket stitches! I'm really interested in different stitches used on detached pieces.
    I always put a border of Fray Stop around the edge before cutting - it helps a lot! Just not getting it on any of the thread, coz it makes it dull.
    You read so many of the same blogs as me!


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