Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pebble progress: handling wrinkles

This is where I am now.

It starts with this somewhat irregular shaped pebble.

The fabric draped over the pebble. Problem: wrinkles.
In the discussion on Stitchin Fingers are all kinds of tips on the wrinkle issue.

I chose to make two folds in the top fabric. The open part of the folds will be filled. The stitched seams will be covered with embroidery.

It looks already better. The two folds are pinned. The other wrinkles are not a big problem. They can be streched or manipulated. The one at the left isn't even a wrinkle, a little tube is trapped there.

I used the fold as a kind of chasm and filled it with gems.
The edges are embroidered with buttonhole stitch.
Further I added somme drizzles, raised cup stitches, french knots and colonial knots.
I used DMC floss.


  1. Brilliant way to handle the fold! I am thinking how interesting it will be to peek into that chasm filled with treasures!

  2. this pebble project has totally captured my imagination~!!~
    love the way that you have handled the folds and wrinkles issue.



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