Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Little flowerspray

I started this little flowerspray with three 4 mm ribbon roses. They are stitched in a running stitch-colonial knot combination, at least the left rose is. I found the colonial knot too big for this size of rose, so for the other two roses I stitched a french knot. A tutorial on how to do it, is here.
Than I added with the same ribbon some french knots. Finally I stitched some beads on and three pale pink beads. These beads have a little hole at one point where they are sewn. It means they don't lie flat on the fabric unless you press them down. May be I will add a drop of glue at the back to fasten them. My problem with glue is that the glue gets everywhere except on the place where I want it to be.


  1. The flower spray adds such a nice delicate touch to the block!

  2. I love the flower spray! So pretty!

  3. Your little flower spray is so sweet and delicate! I love to use these teardrop beads, they are always a nice touch next to ribbon flowers.

  4. Very pretty! You do such fine work!


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