Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Moving on

Here is the block I am currently working on and the block above it. As I want the 12 blocks to form a harmonious quilt, I carefully look at the adjacent blocks. Than I decide what color I am going to use.
The colors in this block are beautiful but not bright and the block above is very bright.
To get a nice transition between both blocks I decided on the variegated orange.

To get a sparkle I added little orange beads.

Here is the block as it looks after I embroidered the first seam treatment.
In the first block I made I did the seam treatments first and later I found they didn't fit in the look I wanted. Therefore I have worked the other way around....seam treatments as part of the whole block.
The thread I used is a beautiful variegated pearl thread in the colors of the violets.


  1. I am finding, too, that I no longer want to do the seam embellishments first. I used to think I had to lay them all down before beginning to bead or add motifs. Now I find that it "ain't necessarily so." Love your paisleys.

  2. Your block is lovely. I never do all seams first and as I think about it I never have! :) I like to bead as I go also, it just seems to work for me.....in crazy quilting there is no right or wrong way in my humble opinion.

  3. I always find it difficult to decide where to start my block. Recently like you I've been adding seam treatments after I add some of my silk ribbon sprays etc. Your flower grouping is beautifully stitched.

  4. The flowerspray is so beautiful. It looks so delicate.


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