Sunday, January 8, 2012

Flowerspray almost finished

The flowerspray is almost finished except for some beads. I will add them when the other embroidery is finished. 

Look at this delicious silk from Stef Francis. A variegated orange that fits the orange in the block above this one.

I had a lovely piece of lace. As the color of the lace wasn't the color I wanted and the shape was just right, I drew a shape that resembled the shape of the lace.
I did the embroidery in Portugese stem stitch. You can find the stitch here.
I chose this stitch because it gives a very smooth curve.


  1. Very nice curves indeed! Love the flowers every time it just gets prettier and prettier!

  2. Somehow I had missed this. I love, love, love the flower spray! I like how you created the dragonfly on the previous post also. I may have to borrow that for one of my blocks (hope you don't mind)


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