Sunday, January 15, 2012

First violets block almost finished.

Here I added another basic seam treatment. A zig zag chain stitch with the same variegated pearl 5 as before.

This flower bead looks huge, but isn't that big ;)
I cut apart a peace of lace and sewed it on to form leaves.

In the flowerspray on the right, I added some beads. It really adds something to the picture.

I wasn't happy with the orange shape, it attracted too much attention. I unpicked the orange beads in the center and tried yellow/ochre beads. The ochre beads (the two on top) seem better, so orange beads go out and ochre beads go in.


  1. I like how the beads added to the flower spray. The whole block looks great!

  2. Thanks SO much for showing a close up of the flower spray you created. I'm not good at putting these together so gives me some ideas. I agree with Deb, the whole block is looking good.

  3. I love the zig zag chain stitch, but don't see it in many people's work. Your block looks lovely.


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