Tuesday, January 17, 2012

CQJP block 1

My first block of the CQJP 2012 is finished.
I am still not completely happy with the orange shape. When you look at this block on its own, it doesn't fit the way I want to.

But if you look at this block between the upper and lower block, it looks much better.
The orange shape is a kind of transition between both blocks.
That is exactly why I added the small flowerspray (bottom left) with the lilac flowerbead. The lilac returns in the block beneath it.
As said before the colors look different than in reality. Lilac seems a difficult color on photographs.
For now I'll leave it as it is.
When the blocks are stitched together we will see how it looks.


  1. A stunning piece of work.....so beautiful and inspiring !
    chris richards

    Ella's craft creations !

  2. I like the orange motif. Like you said you are looking at one block. With the others surrounding it the orange makes a good transition. I have always heard add just a bit of orange for added interest. Once the surrounding blocks are stitched you may just love that orange motif and want to repeat it elsewhere. Something made you stitch that motif, so now you must be still and watch how it works in with the rest. Trust your self, it is lovely.

  3. Oh, I like this! Your orange motif adds a little punch, and carries the eye to the oranges in the surrounding blocks. Love your flower sprays!


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