Friday, December 9, 2011

Centre petal

The carnation is nearly filled. The scallops in the centre are embroidered with rows of blanket stitch from top to bottom. Each next row has to overlap the base of the previous row.

Stitch: closely worked blanket stitch, you find it here
Threads from top to bottom: 3 strands of The Gentle Art, Simply shaker Sampler thread 7008 rhubarb, 2 strands of Soie Cristal 2032 medium brown rose, the next 2 rows 3 strands of Gentle Art 0311 holly berry and 3 strands of Soie Cristal 2031 dark brown rose.
The middle section of the centre petal is embroidered with small scattered seed stitches.
In a later stage I will be adding beads in this area.
Stitch: seed stitch, you find it here.
Thread: 2 strands of Soie Cristal 2031 dark brown rose

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  1. Marjolein,
    Pretty way of using blanket stitch..I searched your blog to see the details for this flower..first I thought it is daisy stitch..
    your stump work tutorial is too good.i m follower of your blog now and eager to see your complete tutorial..


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