Friday, December 16, 2011

Carnation finished

The designs from "Inspiration" are always very detailed and very well explained. I really enjoy stitching them. This carnation is no exception.
The only things I altered were the size and direction of some stitches and I left out the two outer petals.

The two tendrils are embroidered in stemstitch. Along the inner curved tips are colonial knots.
Thread: two strands of The Gentle Art, Simply shaker Sampler thread 7008 rhubarb.
Stitches: stemstitch which you find here and colonial knots which you find here.

Along the outer curved tips are tulip stitches, you find them here.
Thread: 1 strand of Soie Cristal 2032 medium brown rose, the base with 1 strand of DMC metallic E316

1 comment:

  1. Exquisite! I love the discreet touches of metallic thread.


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