Thursday, November 10, 2011

Piecing the center block part 2: curved seam

How do I sew a curved seam? First I studied this tutorial from Allie Aller.
But how do I get the 2 pieces I want to sew together exactly the same shape?
I thought a template could do the job. I made a template from sandpaper with 4 different shaped sides. 

This is the shape I want for this patch. The edge of the template is the sewing line.

I drew a line about 1 cm right of the sewing line (width pressurefoot) and cut the patch. The edge of the patch will be layed along this line.

What if I sewed the patch this way (right sides together). I pinned the patch in place.

 Flipped it...oops, this is not right.

The patch has to be cut in mirror image.

This looks better.

Sewed right sides together and opposite curves, the way Allie did.

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  1. Sometimes you just can't invent a better mouse trap. I do admire you though for trying the template. I went to a quilt show in the spring and a man was demonstrating a pressure foot for the sewing machine that was supposed to sew perfect curves every time. I watched him for a few minutes. He did an awful lot of fiddleing with that fabric to stitch his perfect curve. Allie's tells us how, without spending $29.95 for a useless pressure foot!


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